Croatia Live Betting the World Cup Dog vs. France

Croatia vs. France Bet the World Cup Final

A clear betting the World Cup difference between Croatia and France is hype.  France entered Russia with plenty of it.  To be exact France was among the top tier of favorites to win it all.  Alternatively, Croatia was barely noticed at the start of World Cup play.  But that quickly changed in their second group match.  The Blazers dominated heralded Argentina 3-0.  As a result, the world took notice.  The outcome was monumental in changing perceptions.  Punters hopped on for the ride from that point on.  As a result, the Blazers turned out a nice profit to the final.

2018 FIFA World Cup Croatia vs. France

Date and Time: Sunday, July 15, 2018, 11 a.m. ET

Location:  Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow

World Cup Betting Online Odds:

Team Spread Total
Croatia +½ (-102) 2 (+107)
France -½ (-113) 2 (-122)
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2018 FIFA World Cup TV Coverage: FOX

Respect for Croacia

Croatia has newfound respect.  Indeed, the Blazers are now considered a world power.  Although this may be true they face a loaded opponent in France.   It follows that Croatia’s win over England adds to their credibility.  The Blazers showed the heart of a champion in the 2-1 win.  Croatia was down 1-0 at the 68-minute mark.  And yet they rallied for an extra time win.  The outcome was illustrative of betting the World Cup heart.  To begin with most teams would have caved to the Three Lions.  Nevertheless, the Blazers thrived facing death.

Luka Modric

Certainly, Luka Modric has been the catalyst of Croatia’s success.  Concurrently the Blazers midfield was considered the best in the world.  And Modric has proven to be the best of the best.  Due to his Sportsbook online performance against Argentina he became a world-wide sensation.  Against Lionel Messi, Modric controlled the pitch.  What’s more he scored a sensational goal.  Against Denmark and Russia Modric’s penalty kicks were the winning margin.


Likewise, France scored a landmark win against Argentina.  Les Bleus 4-3 win catapulted them in the knockout stage.  Though France was a favorite in the tournament doubts prevailed.  A strong distinction is their youth.  Inconsistency plagued France during qualification.  Furthermore the 2016 loss to Portugal in the Euro final was a negative.  Admittedly punters were skeptical about Les Bleus ability to finish.

Didier Deschamps

France Manger Didier Deschamps deserves much of the credit for their success.  For one thing he has nurtured his young roster.  Despite their mistakes Deschamps didn’t harp on the negative.  Conversely, he would simply teach and correct.  The end result is a roster loaded with ability.  And a squad that has become supremely confident.  France defeated Belgium 1-0 in the semifinal.  Rather than fold they instead kept steady.  In this high-pressure situation Les Bleus held firm.  Due to their steadfast mindset France prevailed.

Matchup to Watch

Forwards Antoine Griezmann and Kylian Mbappe lead Les Bleus arsenal.  Each has three goals in the tournament.  Luka Modric will have his hands full.  But the Croatia midfield is a Betting the World Cup asset.  Contrarily Croatia has shown great balance.  Ivan Perisic, Mario Mandzukic and Modric each have two goals.  Griezmann and Mbappe will discover a midfield like no other.

Betting the World Cup: World Cup Betting Odds Picks

Luke Modric and Croatia will complete their surprise run.  Croatia will win the match and World Cup!

World Cup Betting Online Pick: Croatia

World Cup Betting Online Score Prediction:  Croatia 1, France 0

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Bet on 2018 FIFA World Cup: Belgium Favorite vs. England

England vs. Belgium latest odds and picks to bet the World Cup

“It’s finally coming home.”  That is what everyone in England was saying to each other.  But as it turns out this faith was shattered. Instead the English team went down to a heartbreaking defeat in the semifinal.  And it was truly a cruel setback.  Certainly, when England scored at the five-minute mark faith was at a peak.  However, Croatia tied the game at the 68-minute mark.  After that the Blazers got the match winner in extra time.  Midnight struck for the bet on 2018 FIFA World Cup Cinderella.  Naturally a third-place game is a letdown.

2018 FIFA World Cup England vs. Belgium

Date and Time: Saturday, July 14, 2018, 10 a.m. ET

Location:  Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg

World Cup Betting Online Odds:

Team Spread Total
England +½ (-137) 3 (+104)
Belgium -½ (+122) 3 (-119)
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2018 FIFA World Cup TV Coverage: FOX


England began the tournament far away from a top tier favorite.  They were nowhere near the bet on 2018 FIFA World Cup powers.  Regardless the Three Lions made a run for the ages.  Of course, that actually adds to their pain.  Likewise, for their shattered fans.  Hence, England faces a strong character test going forward.  Balanced against that is a new set of expectations.  The Three Lions will be a top tier future favorite.   Indeed, they showed the talent and speed of an elite contender.


Belgium is also coming off a sports betting setback.  What’s more it is the end for what was called their “Golden Age.”  Counter to England the Red Devils entered Russia as a top tier favorite.  Supplementing that was the deepest and most talented roster in their history.  Certainly, Belgium was thought to have the experience edge against France.  Yet Les Bleus prevailed in their semi final match 1-0.  Despite their explosive offense the Red Devils couldn’t finish.  Les Bleus may have lacked experience, Nevertheless the French proved superior.

Gareth Southgate

England manager Gareth Southgate will depart Russia as a celebrated mastermind.  At last the Three Lions have a manager that everyone believes in.  Southgate’s squad wowed all with their speed.  Along the same lines England proved tactically superior.  Immediately it was apparent that there was something different about Southgate’s team.  Specifically, their youthful enthusiasm was apparent.  Increasingly impressive was their team speed.  Granted the three Lions were among the youngest teams at the tournament.  But that was offset by Southgate’s direction and tactics.

Belgium’s Success

Belgium proved to be one of the most exciting teams in Russia.  They flooded the goal in the Group stage.  Summing up the Red Devils scored nine goals in three wins.  However, it was their 2-1 win over Brazil that cemented their legacy.  The Red Devils were the underdog in the quarterfinal match.  Although Brazil was more celebrated Belgium earned their most historic victory ever.

Belgium’s Uncertainty

Not withstanding the excellent run Belgium faces an uncertain future.  As has been noted this was their best chance ever.  Conversely in 2022 the Red Devils will have a different squad.

Matchup to Watch

England’s harry Kane is the bet on 2018 FIFA World Cup difference.  In sum he has a tournament best six goals.  Kane gives the matchup edge to England here.

Bet on 2018 FIFA World Cup :  Picks

England will go home with a win and respect.

World Cup Betting Online Pick:  England

World Cup Betting Online Score Prediction:  England 2, Belgium 1

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England is at the Cusp of World Cup Betting Odds Glory Online

England vs. Croatia World Cup Semi Finals Betting odds and preview

A nation has gone mad.  Totally insane.  The impossible dream is coming true.  For the entire World to see.  England has emerged from the shadows.  The Three Lions appear to be a team of destiny.  They have defied the World Cup Betting Odds. While completely flipping the script in the process.  Normally England is the overlay.  A team given too much respect.  And a nation with just one World Cup title.  Way back in 1966.  Yet that 52 year wait may well end this week.  England is two wins away from immortality.  Dangerous Croatia stands in their way Wednesday.

2018 FIFA World Cup England vs. Croatia

Date and Time: Wednesday, July 11, 2018, 2 p.m. ET

Location:  Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow

World Cup Betting Online Odds:

Team Spread Total
England -½ (+132) 2 (-111)
Croatia +½ (-147) 2 (-104)
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England vs. Croatia TV Coverage: FOX

England so Far

Normally England is an unjustifiable World Cup betting odds favorite.  All hype and little in the way of results.  Through the years countless bankrolls have been busted by the Three Lions.  Punters have been bled dry by the empty promises.  Unfounded boasts and an annoying sense of entitlement plagued England.  Their entire team culture needed an upheaval.  The same old ways were not working.  Nor would they ever.  Enter Gareth Southgate.

Gareth Southgate

England manager Gareth Southgate had the nerve to do the one thing necessary.  The only deed that could save football’s most overrated team.  He blew the whole thing apart.  Southgate pulled off a vast remake.  The roster was a complete transfusion of new blood.  Speedy and talented players fill the spots.  Aging failures were show the door.  Many fans were actually in an uproar.  Some said it would take decades for England to recover.

Fearless England Tactics

Once again, the experts have been rendered useless.  Southgate has had the last laugh.  His vision was far ahead of the crowd.  Southgate’s tactics are fearlessly aggressive.  He is smart enough to turn his talent loose.  He will leave Russia with the reputation as the best mind in the game.

Harry Kane

The same old blue print is no more.  As are the let downs.  Harry Kane is emblematic as to what new look England is all about.  In this World Cup he has six goals. Many of them clutch.  He also posted a hat trick.  Kane is only 24 years old.  But with maturity of someone twice that age.  Southgate made him team captain.  Which is the ultimate statement of managerial faith.

Three Lions at the Top

The Three Lions are peaking at the right time.  England’s 2-0 win over Sweden was their most complete yet.  It was a championship level triumph.  And a portent of things to come.  At least according to sportsbook bettors.

Croatia and Luka Modric

Croatia brings the best midfield on Earth to this match.  Luka Modric is the Blazers own marquee man.  His clutch performance at Russia rivals Kane’s.  His penalty goal was the difference in the quarterfinal.  As Croatia eliminated host Russia.  Modric has emerged as the best midfielder of all.  His showdown with Kane is eagerly anticipated.  And one for the ages.

Matchup to Watch

England has shown an entirely new look.  They bring tremendous World Cup Betting Odds value.  Kane is the difference here.  The great Modric will have his hands full.

World Cup Betting Odds Picks

England’s run will continue on to the Final!

World Cup Betting Online Pick: England

World Cup Betting Online Score Prediction:  England 2, Croatia 0

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Belgium Live Betting the World Cup Dog vs. France

If ever Belgium was going to do it this was said to be their time.  To illuminate, The Red Devils are loaded.  And now they are proven indeed.  Defeating super power Brazil in the quarterfinal is the ultimate proof.  Now Belgium is just one win away from the final.  However, they will be facing a squad as capable as their own.  France has an embarrassment of roster riches in fact.  Not to mention their on betting the World Cup street cred.  A capable Uruguay team was dominated by Les Bleus.  France and Belgium meet on Tuesday.  Few World Cup matches are as eagerly anticipated.

2018 FIFA World Cup Belgium vs. France   

Date and Time: Tuesday, July 10, 2018, 2 p.m. ET

Location:  Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg

World Cup Betting Online Odds: 

Team Spread Total
Belgium PK (+117) 2½ (+109)
France PK (-132) 2½ (-124)
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2018 FIFA World Cup TV Coverage: FOX

Sending Brazil Home

Belgium was a Betting the World Cup underdog to Brazil.  Justifiably so.  Brazil was the consensus pick to win the entire tournament.  Yet Belgium proved to have more in their match.  The Red Devils grabbed a 2-0 lead within 31 minutes.  Their control of the pitch early on was certain.  Brazil was rendered powerless much of the day.  Kevin De Bruyne once again established his bona fides.  The outspoken midfielder had the difference making goal.  Belgium’s 2-1 win will go down as perhaps their biggest ever.

Roberto Martinez

Just as impressive were the tactics of Roberto Martinez.  The often derided coach has been vindicated.  At least for now.  Against the celebrated Brazil coach Tite he proved equal.  If not actually superior.  Also, Martinez was often disrespected.  Even by his own players.  Doubts were many about his ability to maximize assets.  Defeating Tite for the highest of stakes puts his stamp on Belgium.  He is now the respected manager of a true championship threat.

De Bruyne

It was fitting that de Bruyne and Martinez teamed up for Sportsbook online glory.  De Bruyne was highly critical of Martinez during qualifying in fact.  And said that his defensive tactics were lacking.  Sure, Brazil put nine shots on goal.  But much of that was in desperation.  The Red Devils did enough to hang on and get out.


France had an easier time in their quarterfinal win.  Les Bleus defeated Uruguay 2-0.  Antoine Griezmann scored his third goal of the tournament.  He was touted as a potentially dominant player entering the World Cup.  But France is not limited to one star. Kylian Mbappe also has three goals.  Just as important Les Bleus defense has been solid.  Manger Didier Deschamps has also proven his ability.  Disappointment was felt over the 2016 Euro defeat.  As well as inconsistency at qualifying.  But at Russia the team has come together.  Defeating Argentina 4-3 put everyone on notice.

Game Filled with Stars

Star power will be a plenty in this match.  Romelu Lukaku leads Belgium with four goals.  De Bruyne may be the best mid fielder on Earth.  Mbappe and Griezmann are a terrific tandem for France.  Eden Hazard is another dangerous Red Devil threat.  So far, he has two goals in the tournament in fact.

Matchup to Watch

This could be one of the best Betting the World Cup matches ever.  Skill will flood the pitch.  De Bruyne is the difference.  His midfield patrol is second to none.

Betting the World Cup: World Cup Betting Odds Picks

Belgium to defeat France and advance to the final!

World Cup Betting Online Pick:  Belgium

World Cup Betting Online Score Prediction:  Belgium 2, France 1

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Three Lions World Cup Betting Favorite to Advance Past Sweden

The excitement continues to build for England’s improbable run to World Cup glory.  Unlike most years the Three Lions were not picked to advance far at Russia.  And that is what has made them so valuable on the World Cup betting board.  Usually England is an overlay that busts bankrolls. And lets down an entire football mad nation.  This time they are national heroes.  And beloved by punters for profits won.  Sweden is a workman like team.  They used to revolve around a superstar.  Now they play as a team.  And few units play as well together.

2018 FIFA World Cup Sweden vs. England    

Date and Time: Saturday, July 7, 2018, 10 a.m. ET

Location:  Samara Arena, Samara

World Cup Betting Online Odds:

Team Spread Total
England -½ (-110) 2 (-105)
Sweden +½ (-105) 2 (-110)
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Sweden vs. England TV Coverage:  FOX

Thrilling Road for England

The World Cup betting thrills continue for England.  In the Round of 16 they defeated Colombia on penalties.  The regulation score was 1-1.  Colombia tied the game at the end of regulation.  Yet the Three Lions were able to keep their heads.  They did not fold under the intense pressure.  And Harry Kane again demonstrated why he is among the greatest strikers in the world.  As well as the epitome of a clutch super star.  Kane scored England’s only goal in regulation.  And his penalty goal proved to be the difference in a 4-3 decision.

England’s Hero

Kane emerged as the marquee man for England during qualifying.  He has made everyone forget about Wayne Rooney.  In fact, the Tottenham Hotspur ace played so well that he became team captain.  Nobody had more clutch goals in England’s qualifying run than Kane.  Heading into weekend action he is the top scorer in the tournament with five goals.

Gareth Southgate

Just as valuable of a sportsbook online asset is a man that won’t be on the pitch.  Gareth Southgate has emerged as the mastermind manager of the tournament.  He is tactically aggressive.  Southgate is courageous in unleashing his speedy young team.  He didn’t blink at ushering out dead weight like Rooney.  And remaking the Three Lions into something truly special.  Southgate is a premier visionary.  He had a blue print of what England was to become.  And he executed it ruthlessly.

Sweden so Far

Sweden got by Switzerland 1-0 in the Round of 16.  As expected it was a tight affair.  Both teams played conservative.  Defense and organization are their traits.  Tactically similar there was one difference in the match.  Emil Forsberg scored the only goal at the 66 minute mark to preserve the win.  The victory epitomizes the new Swedish way.

Janne Andersson

Manager Janne Andersson also remade his team. Like Southgate he had a vision of what was needed.  He learned to get by without super star Zlatan Ibrahimovic.  In fact, it is said that the Swedes play much better without Ibrahimovic.  His departure and Andersson’s tactics have made them a sound squad.  One that is better than the total sum of their parts.

Matchup to Watch

England will have the best player in the match in Kane.  The captain is on fire.  In this matchup he is the World Cup betting difference.

World Cup Betting Odds Picks

England to win and advance as one of the last four teams!

World Cup Betting Online Pick: England

World Cup Betting Online Score Prediction: England 2, Sweden 0

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Can Belgium Climb Brazil Hill as Bet the World Cup Dog?

Brazil vs. Belgium betting the World Cup odds and Picks

Brazil arrived at Russia as a team on a mission.  Their humiliation of 2014 has yet to be lived down.  As host country that year they were destroyed by Germany in the semifinal.  Since then they have worked towards redemption.  And when Tite arrived as coach their road back began in earnest.  Belgium was a top pick in their own right for 2018.  The Red Devils are touted as a generational team.  But with that comes bet the World Cup pressure.  The feeling is that it’s now or never for Belgium.  The open window will be closed in 2022.

2018 FIFA World Cup Brazil vs. Belgium    

Date and Time:  Friday, July 6, 2018, 2 p.m. ET

Location:  Kazan Arena, Kazan

World Cup Betting Online Odds:

Team Spread Total
Belgium +½ (-125) 2½ (EV)
Brazil -½ (+110) 2½ (-115)
Bet Now on this Game

Brazil vs. Belgium TV Coverage:  FS1

A Match you can’t miss!

Belgium is a +600 choice to win the World Cup championship.  The entered Russia with a tradition of being good.  But not quite all that.  Brazil is a +350 favorite to win the tournament. They are the most successful World Cup team of all time.  Brazil has a total of five total championships in their history.

Brazil so Far

For Brazil talent and ability has never lacked.  It was leadership that was missing.  Horrible coaching got in the way of potential titles.  The three previous World Cups were especially frustrating.  Brazil would enter as a bet the World Cup favorite.  They would leave as failed overlays.  And with a lot of upset punters that were cleaned out.  Dunga in particular was a maddening manager.  Time and again he seemed to obstruct Brazil’s wealth of weaponry.  He was finally fired during qualifying.  At that time Canarinho was in danger of not making the cut.  Then Tite arrived.


Tite has pulled off one of the great coaching jobs of all time.  In short order he got the gifted Brazilian team to reclaim its ability.  Canarinho took form quickly under Tite.  Qualification was secured without problem.  The wins poured in and opponents fear returned.  Most of all Tite supplied direction and purpose. Brazil was completely organized.  They played with polish and flair.

Brazil’s Fight to the Top

Brazil posted two wins and a draw in Group E.  Although they won the group they were sluggish at times.  But in the Round of 16 against upstart Mexico they played their best game.  Canarinho posted a 2-0 win over The Tri.  Neymar scored his second goal of the tournament in the win.

Belgium So Far

Belgium won Group G in impressive fashion.  They won all three of their games.  And scored nine goals in the process.  Most impressive was their 1-0 win over England to clinch the group.  England is known as a great offensive team.  Belgium has often had their defensive ability questioned.  But against the Three Lions they showed exceptionally well.  Romelu Lukaku scored four goals in Group play.  In the round of 16 Belgium escaped with a 3-2 win over Japan.  Nacer Chadli got the Sportsbook winner at game’s end.

Matchup to Watch

Belgium has the firepower to win this match.  But Brazil has just a bit more.  And Tite will have their defense tightened up.  While still getting maximum offense.  Belgium will be tested like never before in this one.  The combination of depth and Tite is Brazil’s Bet the World Cup edge.

World Cup Betting Odds Picks

Brazil to win and continue their quest for redemption.

World Cup Betting Online Pick:  Brazil

World Cup Betting Online Score Prediction: Brazil 2, Belgium 0

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France Set to Peak as Betting the World Cup Favorite vs. Uruguay

France vs. Uruguay Bet the World Cup Odds and Picks

France may have won Group C but was not impressive.  In fact their three games left a lot to be desired.  And called into serious question their true merits.  Les Bleus arrived as a Betting the World Cup favorite.  But after scoring three goals in three Group C matches doubts were a plenty.  It seemed as if France was all hype.  Many pointed out the 2016 Euro failure on home turf.  And the less than consistent qualification record.  But on a single day the French shut everyone up.  And showed the ability they were said to always have.

2018 FIFA World Cup France vs. Uruguay   

Date and Time: Friday, July 6, 2018, 10 a.m. ET

Location:  Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny Novgorod

World Cup Betting Online Odds:

Team Spread Total
France -½ (-102) 2 (+102)
Uruguay +½ (-113) 2 (-117)
Bet Now on this Game

France vs. Uruguay TV Coverage: FS1

France is on a roll

In the Round of 16 France exploded.  Everything clicked.  The cream rose to the top.  Les Blues defeated Lionel Messi and Argentina 4-3.  It was a true landmark moment.  The one that everyone has waited years for.  Lethargic Group C play was forgiven.  As well as forgotten.  Now Les Bleus appear justified as Betting the World Cup chalks.  For this young team it was an arrival.  Kylian Mbappe scored twice.  Mbappe became the first teen ager since Pele to score two goals in a match.  Which was all the way back in 1958.

Didier Deschamps

Manger Didier Deschamps is the longest serving coach in team history.  He has caught his share of grief for Les Bleus erratic ways.  But he has also had the courage to gamble on youth.  Deschamps is betting on the upside.  And that on the job training will be a great investment.  The win over Argentina was the big payoff.

Uruguay’s Strength

Uruguay was the sportsbook winner of an admittedly weak Group A.  They mucked through 1-0 triumphs over Egypt and Saudi Arabia.  But then bombed Russia 3-0.  With that La Celeste clinched the Group A title.  Uruguay’s strength is their defense.  It enabled them to continue to play well when Luis Suarez missed four qualification matches.  The stout defense proved its worth against a Russian team that was on fire offensively.

La Celeste in Round 16

But La Celeste’s big moment came in the Round of 16.  The 2-1 win over highly regarded Portugal served notice.  Uruguay earned their bona fides just as France did.  Ronaldo was shut out.  Uruguay’s stifling team defense proved superior.  The World’s greatest player could not overcome it.

Oscar Tabarez

Uruguay Manager Oscar Tabarez is one of the great minds of the game.  His meticulous defensive tactics have given his team a unique identity.  Opponents have found great frustration in going up against the powerful La Celeste unit.  Tabarez doesn’t just have the team lay back passively.  His is an attacking defense.  Opponents are punished.  Mistakes are forced.  It’s a dynamic force of nature.

Matchup to Watch

As well as Uruguay has played France will be difficult.  Argentina was exposed as to reliant upon Messi.  France has depth that few squads possess.  Their multitude of weapons adds to opposition peril.  Skill Depth is Les Bleus Betting the World Cup matchup advantage.

World Cup Betting Odds Picks

Look for France to win a highly competitive match.

World Cup Betting Online Pick:  France

World Cup Betting Online Score Prediction: France 1, Uruguay 0


England Betting the World Cup favorite against Colombia

Colombia vs. England World Cup Betting Preview

Few World Cup stories have been bigger than England.  True, England is always a big deal.  Nobody garners more attention.  Or passionate crazed fans.  But this time the story is positive.  Usually the Three Lions are a disappointing overlay.  Busting the bankrolls of their maniacal countrymen has been the norm.  There have been few greater unfulfilled promises than the English.  However, in Russia they have become quite a betting the World Cup value.  An infusion of new blood has helped.  Not to mention a very dynamic young coach.  But now the competition will get tougher.  And the stakes increasingly higher.

2018 FIFA World Cup Colombia vs. England

Date and Time:  Tuesday, July 3, 2018, 2 p.m. ET

Location:  Otkritie Arena, Moscow

World Cup Betting Online Odds:


Team Spread Total
England -½ (+112) 2 (+103)
Colombia +½ (-127) 2 (-118)
Bet Now on this Game

Colombia vs. England TV Coverage: FOX

Colombia’s Odds to Win World Cup

Colombia is a 22/1 choice to win the World Cup championship.  England is as 7/1 pick to take the trophy.  Colombia was the winner of Group H.  The Coffee Growers posted two wins and a loss.  England finished second in Group G behind Belgium.  The Three Lions posted two wins and one loss.

Three Lions Ambush

England entered Russia as a second tier betting the World Cup favorite.  Nobody had them in the same class as Germany, Brazil, or Spain.  Or even France and Belgium for that matter.  But the Three Lions have ambushed the competition.  And gamblers stuck in the old ways.  Many derided the English team for its vast remake.  Gone were Wayne Rooney and other veterans that never quite got the job done.  A new manager decided that things had to change drastically.  Gareth Southgate understood the old truism.  Doing the same thing again and expecting a different result is insanity.

Southgate’s Ways

Southgate blew up the aging failed roster.  He replenished it with youth.  Youth that was super talented.  Players that had no ties to the disappointments and letdowns of the past.  Among the advantages were that these players weren’t trapped in the old mindset.  Also impressive has been how eager and cooperative this talent has been.  Everyone went all in for Southgate.  The coach has emphasized speed.  Taking the attack has been tactical bent.  Enthralling football is back as a result.

Harry Kane

Southgate invested considerable faith in Harry Kane.  In turn Kane has exploded onto the world stage as a premier striker.  Perhaps at the very top tier.  Beyond that Southgate saw the Tottenham Hotspur star as a natural leader.  Teammates agreed with their manager.  The captaincy was bestowed upon Kane as a result.  It has proven to be an astute choice.  Kane has flourished with five goals in three games.  He posted a hat trick in England’s 6-1 win over Panama.

Colombia’s Up for More

Colombia has been something of sportsbook a surprise.  They did not impress during qualifying.  They got a fortunate draw in Group H.  But the Coffee Growers have stepped up their game in Russia.  Defense first is their philosophy.

Matchup to Watch

This is a stark Betting the World Cup contrast.  England is the superior offensive team.  Colombia has the tighter defense.  But the best player on the pitch belongs to the Three Lions.  Harry Kane is the difference.

World Cup Betting Odds Picks

England to win and advance to the Round of Eight.

World Cup Betting Online Pick: England

World Cup Betting Online Score Prediction:  England 2, Colombia 0

Check out Harry Kane’s hat trick against Panama!

Wounded Argentina Dangerous Bet on 2018 FIFA World Cup Dog to France?

France vs. Argentina betting preview and odds for the World Cup

Argentina did not exactly set the world on fire in making the knockout stage.  They entered Russia as a bet on 2018 FIFA World Cup favorite.  But won just one out of their three group matches.  And a blowout loss to Croatia in that string exposed all of their weaknesses.  France was also a top favorite to win the World Cup.  And they did end up winning Group C.  Les Bleus posted two wins and a draw.  Yet they did not have a dominant look in the process.  Now everything is at stake as France and Argentina meet.

2018 FIFA World Cup France vs. Argentina

Date and Time:  Saturday, June 30, 2018, 10 a.m. ET

Location:  Kazan Arena, Kazan

World Cup Betting Online Odds :

Argentina             +½ (-150)    2 (-110)      

France                  -½ (+135)    2 (-105)

Bet Now on this Game

France vs. Argentina TV Coverage: FOX

France Opener

France won their opener against plucky Australia 2-1.  It took a goal by Aziz Behich at the 81 minute mark to pull out the win.  Australia is all work and no talent so the win did not exactly establish championship bona fides.  In their second match Les Bleus got by Peru 1-0.  Peru is a unique team that is fun to watch.  But not a bet on 2018 FIFA World Cup power.  Les Bleus are fortunate that the Peruvians lack finish.  It was yet another underwhelming French triumph.

No Inspiration Against Denmark

In their group finale France and Denmark played to a 0-0 draw.  Both squads knew they made the Round of 16.  And played like it.  The match had the feel of a friendly.  And one with no inspiration.  So, France did the bare minimum in group stage.  But nothing more.

Argentina So Far

For Argentina the group stage was a Sports betting high wire act.   Their problems began with a 1-1 draw with Iceland in the opener.  La Albiceleste were less than sharp.  And stunned that Iceland was able to score.  But the bigger problem lied ahead.  Croatia took Argentina apart in their second match.  Luka Modric dominated the match in a 3-0 Croatia victory.  Argentina was justifiably humiliated.  And Lionel Messi was rendered helpless.  They were also backed into a corner and facing elimination.  Their third match against Nigeria was a must win.

Disaster Avoided

Messi is rated with Ronaldo as the best player in the world.  Yet he hadn’t shown it in the first to games.  But in a must win against Nigeria he scored the opening goal.  Marcos Rojo got the game winner at the 86 minute mark.  And La Albiceleste avoided the ultimate disaster.

Messi the Saviour

Both teams had portents of things to come prior to Russia.  France blew the 2016 Euro in a home loss to Portugal.  And has been erratic ever since.  Argentina needed Messi to carry them to the tournament. And showed plenty of vulnerability.  Antoine Griezmann was touted as the next greatest thing for Les Bleus.  Yet he has tallied just one goal so far at Russia.

Matchup to Watch

Argentina limped into the Bet on 2018 FIFA World Cup knockout stage.  But limp in he did.  Despite Argentina’s many holes he is their impact player.  And the best player on the pitch in this match.  France has done little to impress.  Look for Messi to make the ultimate impact here.

Bet on 2018 FIFA World Cup Odds

Lionel Messi and Argentina to make the round of eight!

World Cup Betting Online Pick:  Argentina

World Cup Betting Online Score Prediction:  Argentina 2, France 1

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England And Belgium a Betting the World Cup Pick for Epic Showdown

England vs. Belgium World Cup odds and betting preview

England and Belgium have been two of the most impressive teams at the World Cup.  They are both assured spots in the Round of 16.  Each has posted two wins in two games.  They will meet Thursday in the deciding game of Group G.  No Betting the World Cup match has been as highly anticipated.  And justifiably so.  Truth be told both squads have the look of champions.  Favored Spain and Germany have not looked nearly as dominant.  The winner of this Group G showdown will earn a more favorable knockout opponent.  Consequently, the stakes are high!

2018 FIFA World Cup England vs. Belgium    

 Date and Time:  Thursday, June 28, 2018, 2 p.m. ET

Location:  Kaliningrad Stadium, Kaliningrad

World Cup Betting Online Odds: 

Team Spread Total
Portugal PK (-102) 2 (+110)
Uruguay PK (-113) 2 (-125)
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England so Far

England has achieved quite a betting the World Cup role reversal.  Normally they are a frustrating overlay.  Every four years they are touted as title material. Only to depart in defeat and anguish.  While leaving behind busted bankrolls.  The wagering carnage on England has been staggering since their lone championship in 1966.  Ironically enough nobody picked the Three Lions to accomplish much at Russia.  And perhaps that is their great advantage.  This time they are the surprise team.  Young and remade with a dynamic new coach.  For the first time in memory England offers actual betting value.

Belgium so Far

Belgium on the other hand was highly touted.  They were on the second tier of sportsbook favorites to win the tournament.  Only Germany, Brazil and Spain earned more respect.  Something always seems to go wrong for the Belgians.  But this year they have been dominant.  For once the Red Devils are playing with authority and confidence.  Their perceived defensive weaknesses are yet to be exposed.  Which begs the question if such weaknesses actually existed?  Against England they are certain to find out.

Gareth Southgate

Coach Gareth Southgate has remade England’s team.  He is a daring and fearless leader.  As well as tactically brilliant.  The plodding squad of the past is no more.  This version of the Three Lions has remarkable speed.  And Harry Kane is the new superstar striker.  He has quickly made everyone forget about the faded Wayne Rooney.

Harry Kane

Kane already has three goals in the tourney.  He scored the game winner in the opener.  England beat Tunisia 2-1 on Kane’s goal at the 90 minute mark.  Panama was destroyed by the Three Lions 6-1 in the second match.  Kane tallied twice.  It was a devastating display by Southgate’s squad.

Romelu Lukaku

Belgium has been just as impressive.  In their opener the easily handled Panama 3-0 with Romelu Lukaku scoring twice.  Lukaku scored two more goals in the second match.  Tunisia was the victim in a 5-2 win by the Red Devils.

Matchup to Watch

Fans of the Beautiful Game cannot wait for this one.  It’s a dream Betting the World Cup match.  Two skilled teams with two superior goal scorers.  As well as Belgium has played there is a championship look about England.  And with Harry Kane they have a proven clutch performer.

Betting the World Cup Odds Picks

England is the call for this monumental showdown.

World Cup Betting Online Pick: England

World Cup Betting Online Score Prediction:  England 2, Belgium 1

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