South Korea Given No World Cup Betting Odds Chance vs. Germany

South Korea vs. Germany   World cup Betting

Expectations could not be more opposite between Germany and South Korea.  Public betting perception could not have a starker contrast.  No match on the World Cup Betting Odds board could offer a bigger spread.  Germany is a massive betting favorite against South Korea.  And with plenty of good reason.  South Korea “qualified” for the tournament by default.  They were the least bad of a truly terrible group.  Germany is the defending champion.  Die Mannschaft quickly discovered just how hard it is to repeat. And why nobody has in 56 years.  However South Korea offers little threat to the Behemoth.

2018 FIFA World Cup South Korea vs. Germany   

 Date and Time:  Wednesday, June 27, 2018, 10 a.m.

Location:  Kazan Arena, Kazan

World Cup Betting Online Odds: 

Team Spread Total
Germany -2 (+105) 3 (-125)
South Korea +2(-120) 23 (+110)
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2018 FIFA World Cup TV Coverage: FS1

Germany so Far

Germany was stunned in their World Cup Betting Odds opener.  Mexico defeated them 1-0.  It’s not as if Germany were dominated.  Just the opposite was so.  In fact, Mexico was forced to make nine saves.  But Hirving Lozano’s only goal at the 35 minute mark was the difference.  And was a jolt to the mighty German machine.  Despite having an overload of talent they learned its no guarantee.  They can actually lose.  Perhaps the defeat will prove to be beneficial.  It could well serve to keep Die Mannschaft sharp and alert.

Germany’s Second Match

In their second sportsbook match against Sweden there was more turmoil.  The Swedes scored first at the 32 minute mark.  Upset was in the air.  If not down right panic.  At least with fans and overextended punters.  But then the German blitz soon began.  Marco Reus got the equalizer at the 48 minute mark.  Toni Kroos then won the game in the dying seconds.  It was perhaps the best match of the tournament so far.  Not to mention the most intense.  With the win Germany is back on track to make the knockout stage.

Joachim Low and Co.

Germany coach Joachim Low made lineup changes for the Sweden match.  He felt that a shakeup was necessary.  It seemed to payoff.  Germany took the attack early and often.  It took all game to wear down the Swedes.  But wear down they did.  The victory over Sweden showed Germany’s depth.  Character and determination were also fully displayed.  In the most pressure packed circumstances The National Eleven found a way.  The world was served notice.  Germany will be the toughest of outs.  Kroos has been an unsung hero for the German team.  He dominates midfield as a truly complete player.

South Korea so Far

South Korea has lost both of their World Cup matches so far.  In the opener against Sweden they were shut out 1-0.  That was followed by a 2-1 loss to upstart Mexico.  South Korea did not score until the very end of the match.  It saved face but didn’t really get them close to actually threatening to tie.  This team has demonstrated why they struggled so much in qualifying.  They only won four out of ten games.  And this match will be their toughest yet.

Matchup to Watch

Germany is the heavy World Cup Betting Odds chalk for good reason.  They have an overloaded lineup.  South Korea lacks comparable weapons.  Nor can they match the superior German depth.

World Cup Betting Odds Picks

Germany should dominate this match with little effort.

World Cup Betting Online Pick: Germany

World Cup Betting Online Score Prediction: Germany 3, South Korea 0

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Peru Looks for Betting the World Cup Finale Win over Australia

For Peru just getting to Russia was a landmark achievement.  They were missing from World Cup competition for 36 years.  A return to the world stage was cause for joy for the entire nation.  Peru is winless after two Betting the World Cup matches.  But they have impressed all with their quality of play.  And they hope it’s a portent of things to come going forward.  From the looks of it Peru will not have another 36 year exile.  For Australia the World Cup has also been a success.  The Socceroos have shown more ability than expected.

2018 FIFA World Cup Australia vs. Peru    

Date and Time: Tuesday, June 26, 10 a.m. ET

Location:  Fisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi

World Cup Betting Online Odds at your favorite Sporstbook:

Team Spread Total
Peru PK (-134) 2½ (+113)
Australia PK(+119) 2½ (-128)
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2018 FIFA World Cup TV Coverage:  FS1

Australia So Far

Australia entered the tournament with the reputation for being a hard working team.  But also a team that lacked in actual ability.  They surprised all in a 2-1 loss to France.  The loaded French team needed a goal at the 81st minute to escape with victory.  The Socceroos showed great resiliency in their next Betting the World Cup match.  They battled a respected Denmark team to a 1-1 draw.   Best of all Australia is not yet done.  The Aussies still have a shot at the Round of 16.

Must Win against Peru

The match against Peru is a must win for Australia.  Mile Jedinak has scored both of the Socceroos goals.  The team captain has been the catalyst for a surprise run.  No team had to put as much effort into qualification than Australia.  But the payoff has been immense.  Regardless of what happens they have earned respect.

Bert van Marwijk’s Tactics

When Bert van Marwijk took over as coach there were fears Australia would faulter.  And that he would suffocate them with clog tactics. However, players have responded with great effort and polished play.

Peru So Far

Peru has returned to its roots.  In getting to Russia they resurrected their distinctive short passing style.  This gives them a look unlike any other team in the field.  Fans and experts alike rave about their distinctive mode.  And although Peru is yet to score a goal they have had numerous close calls.  Particularly against Denmark in the opener.  Many believe that Peru should have won that match.  Reason being they carried the play.  The Danes were dazzled by Peru’s tactics.  Manager Ricardo Gareca has built a capable sportsbook online product.

Paolo Guerrero

If Peru is going to score on Australia it’s likely going to be Paolo Guerrero that delivers.  He is the all-time leading goal scorer in team history.  And the only bona fide striker on the squad.  The ball hogging tactics are great to watch.  But Peru’s weakness has also been exposed.  They lack the ability to finish.  Especially against Denmark this lack of finish was extremely frustrating.

Matchup to Watch

Peru desperately wants to go home with a win.  This is their Betting the World Cup finale.  For Australia the stakes are incredibly high.  A win gives them a realistic shot at the knockout stage.  Mike Jedinak will be the difference.

Betting the World Cup: World Cup Betting Odds Picks

Australia has a bit more finish than Peru.

World Cup Betting Online Pick: Australia

World Cup Betting Online Score Prediction:  Australia 1, Peru 0

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Public Prefers Egypt over Bet the World Cup Dog Saudi Arabia

Egypt entered the World Cup with grudging respect.  They qualified for the World Cup for the first time since 1990 in fact.  And it was cause for considerable joy throughout the North African nation.  But since arriving in Russia they have received a reality check.  The Pharaohs have lost two out of two matches.  Also, star and leading scorer Mohamed Salah has not been himself.  He missed the first game with a bad shoulder.  He lacked support in the second match.  Saudi Arabia was put in their place opening day.  Russia scored a 5-0 bet the World Cup win over them to set the tone.

2018 FIFA World Cup Saudi Arabia vs. Egypt   

Date and Time: Monday, June 25, 2018, 10 a.m. ET

Location:  Volgograd Arena, Volgograd

World Cup Betting Online Odds:

Team Spread Total
Egypt -½ (-118) 2½ (+110)
Saudi Arabia +½ (+103) 2½ (-125)
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 2018 FIFA World Cup TV Coverage: FS1

Egypt’s Heartbreak

Egypt suffered a 1-0 loss to Uruguay in their opener.  Mohamed Salah was unable to answer the bell.  And with his absence the Pharaohs had no offensive threat.  Although Egypt came out energetic they failed to finish.  Despite that Uruguay could not muster a goal until the 89th minute.  Jose Gimenez took a free kick from Carlos Sanchez for a clutch header.  And a heartbreaker for the Egyptians.

Salah was not enough

In their second game the Pharaohs lost to host Russia 3-1.  After a scoreless 46 minutes Ahmed Fathy opened the floodgates.  The Russian scored the first of three consecutive goals for the home team.  Denis Cheryshev and Artem Dzyuba tallied shortly after.  Salah did score at the 73 minute mark.  But it was emblematic of Egypt’s problem.  In fact, Salah is basically all that they have.  Russia again exploited Egypt’s Bet the World Cup lack of depth.

Bad sign for the Saudis and Egyptians

Saudi Arabia was humiliated in their 5-0 sportsbook blowout loss to the Russians.  As is the case with Egypt it demonstrated their lack of ability.  And keep in mind Russia is not known for its defensive prowess.  They only made the tournament because they are host.  Which is a bad sign for the Saudis and Egyptians.

Hector Cuper

Egypt coach Hector Cuper built what was thought to be a strong defensive team.  He was forced to emphasize defense due to having a team lacking talent.  Against Uruguay his formula basically worked.  But against Russia the holes were found.  Weaknesses were exploited.   Egypt was derided by many pre-tournament as a one man team.  And that has been validated.


Fact is Egypt was able to finally qualify from a subpar group.  The blue print entering Russia was defense plus Salah.  Besides, it has been blown apart.  Problematic is that Cuper lacks the material to try anything different.  To be fair the shoulder injury to Salah has not helped.  But even when he scored against Russia it was a classic case of “so what!”  Salah is a World Class Premier League star.  But that is all the Pharaohs have at that tier.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is in the tournament for the first time since 2006.  Coach Juan Antonio Pizzi became their third manager in three months.  But has held the gig since last November.  They entered as the lowest ranked team.  Furthermore, they have done nothing to alter that perception.

Matchup to Watch

To sum up, there won’t be much in fireworks here.  But Salah is the Bet the World Cup matchup difference.  Meanwhile, he should put Egypt over the top with a win.

World Cup Betting Odds Picks

Egypt is the best of two bad choices here.

World Cup Betting Online Pick: Egypt

World Cup Betting Online Score Prediction:  Egypt 1, Saudi Arabia 0

Poland Dangerous World Cup Betting Dog vs. Colombia

Poland vs. Colombia World Cup betting predictions and odds

For punters looking for well priced quality there is a top match on Sunday.  Poland is mentioned as one of the most capable World Cup betting choices that can be made.  In Robert Lewandowski they boast a true world class super star.  And Colombia garnered considerable respect from there 2014 World Cup performance.  In James Rodriguez they also boast an exceptional talent.  As well as a tight defense.  Group H is the wild card of the World Cup Final.  Colombia and Poland are the chalks.  Their match determines the inside track.

2018 FIFA World Cup Poland vs. Colombia

Date and Time:  Sunday, June 24, 2018, 2 p.m. ET

Location:  Kazan Arena, Kazan

World Cup Betting Online Odds your favorite sportsbook: 

Team Spread Total
Colombia -½ (+143) 2 (-142)
Poland +½ (-158) 2 (+127)
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2018 FIFA World Cup TV Coverage: FOX


Poland is one of the most entertaining teams in the tournament.  They emphasize offense and plenty of it.  Goal scoring is a staple of their team culture.  Proof is that they averaged nearly three goals per game in qualifying.  Robert Lewandowski is a key World Cup betting asset.  He was a goal scoring machine as a pro.  He starred for both Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich.  Problematic is that the Poles rely on Lewandowski too much.  And when he failed to score at the 2016 Euro it was trouble.  Nobody was able to fill the void.

Goalkeeping:  Concerns for Poland

Goalkeeping remains the ultimate concern for their World Cup prospects.  The Poles had the worst defensive record of any qualifying team.  It all combines for a fun fan watch.  But gamblers and Polish fans will be testy.  Head coach Adam Nawalka has tried to tighten the defense.  He is not shy about mixing formation and tactics.  And during the spring there was modest improvement.  If there is a player that will support Lewandowski its Milik.  As a striker for Bayern he has developed into a dangerous force.  Milik is being counted upon to show that Poland is more than Lewandowski.


Colombia coach Jose Pekerman has very different ways for success.  Unlike Poland the Colombians are not an offensive oriented team.  Their ticket to sportsbook success is laborious possession type football.  Defense is always the starting point of Pekerman’s teams.  From there they will counter for what little offense they generate.  Colombia scored only 21 goals in 18 qualifiers.  Four years ago, they reached the quarterfinal.  Its not likely they will catch anyone napping this time.

Colombian Players to Analyze

Of concern is goalkeeper David Ospina.  He was subpar for Arsenal.  And was relegated to backup as a result.  For the national team he was responsible for too many goals against.  What little offensive creativity Colombia has comes from Rodriguez.  He can score and or pass.  And literally carries the attack as a result.  To Pekerman’s credit he allows Rodriguez maximum freedom.  But when the Bayern Munich star fatigues there is nobody else in support.  Colombia is far more reliant upon Rodriguez than any other player.

Matchup to Watch

This is a great World Cup betting match for Poland.  Colombia lacks the offense to exploit Poland.  And the Poles have superior firepower.

World Cup Betting Odds Picks

Poland should prevail with their superior scoring.

World Cup Betting Online Pick:  Poland

World Cup Betting Online Score Prediction: Poland 2, Colombia 0

Tunisia Faces Long Bet on 2018 FIFA World Cup Odds vs. Belgium

Belgium is an intriguing bet on 2018 FIFA World Cup choice.  They are undeniably talented.  And would be favored against almost any team they face.  Yet Belgium is an unfulfilled promise.  Their history gives no hint of greatness.  They have never actually threatened for a championship.  Yet are being touted to do so at Russia this year.  Tunisia should not provide much in the way of opposition.  However, they may help cure insomnia.  Attacking football is not a team trait.  And that’s because they aren’t capable of it.  The Eagles of Carthage are massive underdogs.

2018 FIFA World Cup Tunisia vs. Belgium    

Date and Time: Saturday, June 23, 2018, 8 a.m. ET

Location:  Otkritie Arena, Moscow

World Cup Betting Online Odds : 

Team Spread Total
Tunisia +1½ (-107) 2½ (-126)
Belgium -1½ (-108) 2½ (+111)
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2018 FIFA World Cup TV Coverage: FOX

Tunisia and Group G

Tunisia has a young 22 year old captain.  Skhiri is a star for Montpellier.  But is not well known outside of France.  He will be counted upon to thwart any Belgium attacks.  This is Tunisia’s first final since 2006.  Most of their appearances have been underwhelming.  They have the goal of making the Final 16.  But that is a Bet on 2018 FIFA World Cup long shot.  England and Belgium are the class of their Group.  Injuries are another concern for this team.  On the positive they are not reliant upon any one star.  They simply don’t have any.

Tunisia’s Odds to Win

Hard work and defense was Tunisia’s sportsbook online ticket to success.  They are the classic workmanlike team.  But with not enough top shelf talent.  Head coach Nabil Maaloul has formulated a disciplined team.  And one that is ferocious about defending its own end.  The one creative talent is Saif Eddine Khaoui. Wahbi Khazri scored nine goals for his pro team in France.  He is a capable weapon.   Tunisia had a favorable qualifying pool.  That as much as anything helped punch their ticket to Russia.  Midfield is another team strength.

Belgium’s Talent

Belgium garnered plenty of attention for how well they qualified.  The Red Devils did not lose points.  And qualified with room to spare.  They also scored 43 goals in the process.  Excitement and ability are not going to be lacking.  Romelu Lukaku led all with 11 goals.  Eden Hazard added six with five assists.  Hazard is also team captain.  Lukaku and Hazard lead what is known as the “Golden Age.”  No Belgian team has ever been as promising.  The depth of talent is astounding.  But worries remain about defensive ability.

De Bruyne and Lukaku

Kevin De Bruyne is another star of this “Golden Age” squad.  Few players are better play makers.  De Bruyne is a star for Manchester City.  This compliments Lukaku well.  Lukaku is one of the most powerful strikers on earth.  He has proven his prolific prowess in the Premier League as well.

Matchup to Watch

Opposites meet in this Bet on 2018 FIFA World Cup match.  Belgium is exciting and capable.  Tunisia is outclassed and plodding.  The Red Devils should control this game.  Eventually their depth should wear down the plucky Tunisians.

World Cup Betting Odds Picks

Belgium should build upon their pre-tournament hype with a big win here.

World Cup Betting Online Pick: Belgium

World Cup Betting Online Score Prediction:  Belgium 2, Tunisia 0

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Aussies World Cup Betting Odds Dog to Denmark

Denmark vs. Australia World Cup Betting odds and preview

Australia suffered a World Cup Betting Odds defeat in its opener against France.  But in the process, they won a lot of respect.  The plucky Socceroos lost 2-1 to a vastly more talented team.  It took a goal by Aziz Behich at the 80 minute mark to save Les Bleus.   Denmark was able to hold on for dear life in their first game.  they defeated Peru 1-0 but were clearly outplayed.  Peru carried most of the play and forced six saves by the Danes.  The win was a wake up call for Denmark.  They are slightly favored over Australia.

2018 FIFA World Cup Denmark vs. Australia    

Date and Time: Thursday, June 21, 2018, 11 a.m. ET

Location:  Cosmos Arena, Samara

World Cup Betting Online Odds: 

Team Spread Total
Australia +½(+103) 2½ (+148)
Denmark -½ (-118) 2½ (-163)
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Denmark so Far

Yussuf Yurary Poulsen scored the only goal of the game for Denmark.  It came at the 59 minute mark.  And served as bailout relief with the World Cup Betting Odds.  Peru surprised many with their ball control ability.  They simply failed to finish.  Denmark star Christian Eriksen had a mostly quiet performance.  But he threaded a perfectly immaculate pass to win the game.  His pass went through the defense for Poulsen to finish.  Denmark tried a long game early with no success.  Once they went to the short passes Eriksen was more involved.

Hopes on Eriksen

If Denmark is to attain sportsbook online success it will be due to Eriksen.  As demonstrated in the opener he is among the world’s great playmakers.  He sparked Denmark with eight goals in qualifying.  He brings superior skill and vision to the pitch.  Manager Age Hareide has built a powerful team.  They are organized, disciplined and direct.  And defensively dominant.  The Danes allowed just nine goals in 12 qualifying games.


Hareide had the unenviable task of replacing a legend.  Morten Olsen coached the team from 2000 to 2015.  Olsen quit after failing to make consecutive tournaments.  Hareide has maintained the attack tactics.  But has also focused more on getting maximum production from Christian Eriksen.   The coach freely admits to unleashing Eriksen.  He wants his star using his skills.


Giving France such a scare is garnering attention to Australia.  They are now taken a bit more seriously.  Coach Bert van Marwijk will insist on clamping down defensively.  Like his counterpart he is a new coach.  Ange Postecoglou quit after getting Australia’s ticket to Russia punched.  He emphasized an all out attack while there.  So, van Marwijk is quite a tactical change to deal with.  He is known for turning football players into cloggers.  While lacking talent this team has heart.  They fight to the end as France discovered.

Aaron Mooy

Australia is led by Aaron Mooy.  He has amazing pass ability from either foot.  He has a multitude of skills to excel at this level.  Mooy can transition from defense to offense as well as anyone.

Matchup to Watch

This could be a tight World Cup Betting Odds match.  Eriksen should be the difference.  He is the best player on the pitch.  And the one that can make an impact like no other.

World Cup Betting Odds Picks

 Denmark will have to work hard to defeat the Socceroos.  But will in the end.

World Cup Betting Online Pick:  Denmark

World Cup Betting Online Score Prediction:  Denmark 2, Australia 0

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Morocco Large Betting the World Cup Dog vs. Portugal

The world was reminded about the greatness of Cristiano Ronaldo last Friday.  The Portugal captain demonstrated why he is considered to be the greatest player on Earth.  Just as he did during qualifying Ronaldo carried his team.  Portugal played Spain to a 3-3 Betting the World Cup draw.  Ronaldo scored all three of his team’s goals.  Spain is a top tier favorite to win the tournament.  Which means Portugal is as well.  At least as long as Ronaldo is on the pitch.  Morocco entered World Cup play as a decided dog.  Their first game validated that status.

2018 FIFA World Cup Morocco vs. Portugal

Date and Time: Wednesday, June 20, 2018, 8 a.m. ET

Location:  Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow

World Cup Betting Online Odds:  Morocco +1 (-124), Portugal -1 (+109), Over 2 ½ (+111), Under 2 ½ (-126), Morocco +543, Portugal -167, Draw +297

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2018 FIFA World Cup TV Coverage: FS1

Morocco so Far

Morocco lost their opening game against Iran 1-0.  The match was a stark reminder about the Atlas Lions.  They are clearly a one-dimensional team.  Coach Herve Renard deserves credit for getting them back to the tournament.  It has been a long 20 years in the wilderness.  But Renard had to utilize stone age tactics to get Morocco to Russia.  The Atlas Lions rely on hard work and defense.  And that is their only realistic path to betting the World Cup success.  Renard changed everything attitude wise for the better.  However, he lacks playmakers.  And players with natural ability.

Morocco’s Possibilities

Morocco has no real offensive capability.  They were able to shut down opponents to qualify.  But to win the World Cup a team must eventually score a goal.  There are legitimate doubts as to whether they will score at all at Russia. If they do it will likely be by Khalid Boutaib.  He supplied four goals during qualifying.  Hakim Ziyech is a top tier playmaker.  The Dutch Footballer of the Year must make things happen.  Because Portugal is certain to do so.

Portugal and Ronaldo

For Portugal the sportsbook challenges could not be more opposite.  With Ronaldo they boast the greatest of talent.  But the work ethic and effort are often lacking.  Defensively they have been erratic.  And too much reliance on older players may prove risky.  The defensive lapses were exploited by Spain in the opener.

Fernando Santos Era

Fortunately, Portugal has an iron willed coach in Fernando Santos.  Since taking over his team has won 20 games.  With just one loss.  And Ronaldo was out for that defeat.  Santos led Portugal to the 2016 Euro title.  Players agreed to Santos’ challenge to make themselves tough to beat.  This winning mentality makes Portugal dangerous.  And why they went toe to toe with Spain.  Santos has created the expectation for success.  Against anyone that they match with.  He has killed the inferiority complex that has often plagued this team.

Portugal’s Defense

Defensively Portugal is anchored by older veterans.  Pepe is 35 years old and the stalwart.  Bruno Alves is 36 and Jose Fonte 34.  Their best days are behind them.

Matchup to Watch

Ronaldo is the Betting the World Cup difference.  His hat trick against Spain proved his ability to dominate a game on his own.  Morocco is incapable of taking advantage of Portugal’s weak back end.

Betting the World Cup: 2018 FIFA World Cup Betting Odds Picks

Portugal is the call to win this match.  Their powerful offense should send the game over the total.

World Cup Betting Online Pick: Portugal

World Cup Betting Online Score Prediction: Portugal 3, Morocco 0

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Nobody but Germany for Betting the World Cup in Group F

2018 FIFA World Cup Group F betting preview, odds and predictions

When it comes to Group F gamblers are betting it’s nobody but Germany.  And it’s perfectly understandable.  Die Mannschaft is the betting the World Cup to win the entire tournament.  Let alone Group F.  The defending World Cup champs are considered unbeatable.  At least as far as group play goes.  The trick is finding the second place team of the foursome.  As that team will move on to the Final 16 round.  When it comes to that knockout round all bets are off.  Anything can happen. Mexico and Sweden are respected contenders.  The Korean Republic is written off for dead.

2018 FIFA World Cup Group F

Date and Time: June 14 through July 15, 2018

Location: Russia

World Cup Betting Online Group F Odds at your favorite sporstbook:  Germany -300, Mexico +510, Sweden +650, Korean Republic +1550

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2018 FIFA World Cup TV Coverage: Check Listings


Whatever is said about Germany its simply not enough.  They have a roster overloaded with World Class talent.  It resembles a garage full of Maybachs.  Yet the Germans have a tall task ahead of them.  Despite their status as the Betting the World Cup favorite.  The last repeat champion of the event was Brazil in 1958 and 1962.  Ironically enough the Brazilians are the co favorite to win the World Cup.

Germany Dominant during Qualifications

Germany utterly dominated qualifications with ten wins and 43 goals.  They did not lose a single qualification match.  Die Mannschaft has not lost since 2016.  France defeated them in the Euro at that time.  Some said it was the beginning of the end for the coach Joachim Low era.  It has turned out to be one of the most foolish assessments ever.  Low is clearly established as the premier coach of this era.  Manuel Neuer is a World Class goaltender and leader.  Timo Werner is a speedster that can win the Golden Boot.


Mexico makes for an intriguing sportsbook alternative.  They had no problem reaching the World Cup.  With a strong core group hitting its prime they could prove dangerous.  Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez and Hirving “Chucky” Lozano lead the group.  Coach Juan Carlos Osorio is under fire for bad losses in the Confederations Cup.  Also irritating fans has been his changing tactics.  El Tri is gunning for its first ever fifth game at a World Cup.


Sweden has caught the eye of some bargain hunters.  Coach Janne Andersson leads a very disciplined team.  Few if any teams work harder.  It is a collective system that may not be exciting to watch.  A total of seven clean sheets is evidence of their effectiveness.  But fans have no problem accepting the wins that come with it.  The Swedes are greater than the total sum of their parts.  Emil Forsberg will be counted on to trigger what little offense the team has.  The Midfielder is imaginative and creative from the attack.

Korean Republic

The Korean Republic is outclassed in this group.  Not that they would have much of a chance in any of the four team sets.

Matchup to Watch

June 27 pits Mexico vs. Sweden.  It’s the final Betting the World Cup group match.  And a virtual knockout game.  The winner should move on to the Round of 16.  The loser likely goes home.

2018 FIFA World Cup Betting Odds Picks

Look for Sweden to shut down Mexico and finish second in Group F.

World Cup Betting Online Pick:  Sweden to finish second.

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Argentina Top Bet on 2018 FIFA World Cup Group D Choice

2018 FIFA World Cup Group D  - Argentina betting favorite

Argentina faces interesting dynamics for the World Cup.  They are a talented but aging team.  As a result, this year is considered to be their final shot at glory.  A large remake of the team is expected after this year.  As for now they are the Bet on 2018 FIFA World Cup pick of Group D. And with Lionel Messi they are a threat any time they take the pitch.  Meanwhile, Croatia is the second choice of the group.  While talented the Croats cannot seem to get out of their own way.  Finally, Iceland and Nigeria are big long shots.

2018 FIFA World Cup Group D   

Date and Time: June 14 through July 15, 2018

Location:  Russia

World Cup Betting Online Group D Odds:  Argentina -170, Croatia +230, Nigeria +1000, Iceland +1300

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2018 FIFA World Cup TV Coverage: Check Listings

Group D Choices

Iceland is a Cinderella story.  But reality will soon strike midnight on them.  They lack the depth and skill to win Group D.  Nigeria is vastly improved but not deep enough.  Argentina would seem to own Group D.  However, the White and Sky Blue often underachieve.  A lot of past overlays have not been forgotten.  Or forgiven.  But when assessing this group finding an alternative is a challenge.  Croatia has the material for success.  But internal strife damages their Bet on 2018 FIFA World Cup prospects.


Argentina is ranked fourth in FIFA.  With Messi the have the man that can make a difference,  and carry a team deep into the tournament.  The last World Cup title for the White and Sky Blue was 1986.  But the 2014 tournament saw them finish second to Germany.  That finish is what many punters are pointing to.  Problematic is their qualifying struggles.  It took three coaches to get them through the process.  Argentina almost missed the party for the first time since 1970.  Coach Jorge Sampaoli unleashed a relentless attack style.  In fact, it proved to save the team.


Croatia had an even more tumultuous time of it than Argentina.  They also went through a coaching change.  Two days before the qualifying final no less. New head man Zlatko Dalic got them over the top.  Much like Argentina the Blazers will be remade after this tournament.  This is the final sportsbook online shot for this current aging group.  The Croats have always a respected dark horse.  But perpetual infighting undermines them time and again.


Nigeria impressively qualified with a game to spare.  What caught attention was a win over Argentina in a recent friendly.  Head coach Gernot Rohr has been the man responsible. The German Rohr courageously went with a youth movement.  In addition, he has implemented a ferocious counterattacking style.  Yet the Super Eagles haven’t sacrificed defense in the process.  The youth movement sparked qualification.  But inexperience is dangerous in the final.


Iceland’s biggest problem is offense. Where will the goals come from?  Main striker Kolbeinn Sigthorsson is injured.  Scoring depth is simply not to be found.

Matchup to Watch

Argentina was quite lucky to draw so well.  This group is perfect for them to win.  There is not a serious Bet on 2018 FIFA World Cup alternative.  The White and Sky Blue should prevail.  Perhaps in dominant fashion.

World Cup Betting Odds Picks

Argentina and Messi should roll in Group D.

World Cup Betting Online Pick: Argentina

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France Tops Group C as Top World Cup Betting Choice

France Group C Betting World Cup favorite

When it comes to Group C France is a strong World Cup betting favorite.  Denmark looks like the only team that has a shot at the upset.  Peru and Australia are the long shots of the group.  But while France is uber talented they are unproven.  And their upset loss against Portugal in the 2016 Euro still smarts.  Denmark is an intriguing team.  And perhaps the most improved of the group.  True, the Red White doesn’t garner much betting activity.  But that is where sharps are looking to swoop in.  The Great Danes may bring plenty of hidden value.

2018 FIFA World Cup Group C   

Date and Time: June 14 through July 15, 2018

Location:  Russia

World Cup Betting Online Group C Odds at your favorite sporstbook:  France -350, Australia +2000, Peru +1035, Denmark +465

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Denmark struggled early on for new coach Age Hareide.  But the Red White quickly caught on to his new ways.  And with Christian Eriksen they boast a world class player.  Hareide was a surprise pick to replace Morten Olsen in March 2016.  In 2017 the Danes kicked into high gear.  Few World Cup betting choices enter this tournament with more momentum.  Eriksen makes for an exceptional talisman.  He scored 11 goals in qualification.  Best of all he came up clutch in the final playoff game.  In that showdown he netted a hat trick. However, supplemental scoring remains a concern.


France has a lot of quality raw material.  But can head coach Didier Deschamps ignite it to glory.  Deschamps has emerged as an elite coach during his six year run.  He is fearless at making decisions.  He has the courage to employ talented but inexperienced players.  And he is all business.  Deschamps likes to cry poor. His inconsistent team can indeed frustrate.  Qualifying went hot and cold.  Few attackers if any can top Antoine Griezmann.  Teen age striker Kylian Mbappe has caught everyone’s eye for his tremendous upside.  Such elite but unproven talent makes for perilous handicapping.


Australia earned respect for their sheer effort in qualifying.  They were the 31st team to make the sportsbook online board.  And they logged a daunting amount of frequent flier miles to close the deal.  While the effort was great the talent is lacking.  They lost only two qualification matches.  However too many draws put them in peril to make the tournament.  As a result, Australia had to endure four tight playoff games.  But a 3-1 home win over Honduras put them over the top.


Peru is quite a World Cup story.  They have had a 36 year break from the World Cup.  Head coach Ricardo Gareca remade the roster.  He brought in fresh young blood.  A short passing strategy emphasizing possession has ignited Peru’s newfound success.  Gareca has also implemented much needed discipline.  Problematic is the loss of striker Paolo Guerrero.  The striker was suspended after a drug test last December.  Guerrero is the all time leading goal scorer for Los Incas.

Matchup to Watch

Denmark could prove to be a live World Cup betting dog.  And a team that could give France all that they can handle.  Resurgent Denmark is a dark horse to watch.  France has fallen short as an overlay time and again.

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 Denmark makes for an outstanding value pick to win Group C.

World Cup Betting Online Pick: Denmark

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