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Bet The World Cup – Argentina versus Germany – Nine factors!

July 11th, 2014 Comments off


This 2014 World Cup Final in Brazil that will be played this Sunday the 13th of July 2014 between Argentina and Brazil may be determined by some 9 factors as to who wins the Title.

A big question, who will be the leading scorer in this game, Kroos or Messi so lets look at the factors that will influence this game.

1st of the nine factors is constraining Messi.  In the game with Holland they managed to keep Messi out of the center of the action as their defense with Indi and Jong frustrated the Argentinian Captain almost to anonymity.  That tactic was surely noticed by the German Coach Loew.  Thus the German team may use Khedira and Lahm to duplicate that effort and with the help from Schweinsteiger, Kroos and Ozil helping out with the task.  Three of those played with Bayern who with the German team aggregately beats Messi’s Barcelona team 7-0 in the 2013 Champions league. Read more…

Bet The World Cup – World Cup’s biggest losses and amazing shockers!

July 11th, 2014 Comments off


The FIFA World Cup Semi-Final game with Brazil and Germany and with the Germany team beating Brazil 7-1 in this 2014 Tournament, the entire nation of Brazil was shocked as it was one of the biggest losses in World Cup history and with Brazil as the Host Nation. The one goal scored by Oscar in minute 90 was too little and too late.  That loss was Brazils worst World Cup defeat overshadowing the 1998 3-0 loss to France.

Then taking a look back at some of the other incredible losses and game shockers let’s take a look at history and begin with the other Brazilian loss that for decades has haunted the Brazilian soccer fans!  That was the shocking loss to Uruguay 2-1 back in the 1950 World Cup, which here again Brazil was the host team in 1950.  In that game Brazil had the lead at 1-0 as all thought they were on their way to victory, only to lose the game 2-1 and it left the Brazilian nation in mourning. Read more…

Bet The World Cup – Germany embarrasses Brazil 7-1!

July 9th, 2014 Comments off


In the first of the two semi-final games of the FIFA 2014 World Cup Tournament on Tuesday, the 8th of July 2014 the German National team advanced to the World Cup Final after a shocking and embarrassing win over the host team Brazil,  with five goals in the first half with the final score of 7-1.

That 7-1 win was the largest margin of victory to ever take place in a World Cup Semifinal game in the record books.  It will also rate as a great humiliation for the proud and soccer crazy host nation of Brazil in South America.   Read more…

Bet The World Cup – Semifinals with Germany and Brazil

July 8th, 2014 Comments off


With the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 and the Semifinals that start on Tuesday the 8th of July with the game being played in Belo Horizonte at the Mineirao Stadium at 4PM EST.  The critics are saying that the German team will demolish the weak defense of Brazil, which will be their downfall in this semifinal game.

It has been said that Brazil (The Selecao) actually played their best game against Columbia and most fear that the game on Tuesday in Belo Horizonte will be their last game. While the German team in their last game against France played very efficiently and were in total control of that game.

The Germany and France game for the most part was a boring game and it now appears that the German National team is the favorites to win this 2014 World Cup Title.  In the game France missed the spark of Franck Ribery might have provided as he would have teamed up with Karin Benzema and made the game exciting.  In an admiring way the German team appeared very efficient as I refer to a good organization with Hummels staring in their opener as he and Mueller gave their best game performances.  The German team displays the kind of calm and of winners and that is vital in this semifinal game and especially if they move on to the finals. Read more…

Bet The World Cup – Group G with Germany versus Ghana!

June 20th, 2014 Comments off


As we continue with the FIFA World Cup Brazil we move on to the 28th game of the tournament that takes place on Saturday the 21st of June with Group G participants Ghana playing Germany. The game will be played in the Castelao Stadium in Fortaleza. This game should be of interest to the betting fans tournament. If Ghana should lose that more than likely would be their ticket home while Germany won their opening game and a win in this game would secure them a spot in the Round of 16.

The German national soccer team had a terrific performance against Portugal and the famed Ronaldo as they won the game 4-0 as Mueller makes a hat trick! Portugal with Ronaldo was one of the most feared opposing teams in the tournament.  But in this game the German team was of a different opinion as the 4 goals against the team with FIFA Ballon d’Or winner Ronaldo and his team as they won the game which was not a small task.  At this point the German team appears to be one of the most complete teams in this 2014 World Cup. Their priceless strength at present is the ability to score at any time against any opposing team in this tournament. The game on Saturday against Ghana should not be too difficult to come out as the winner for the German team.

The Ghana national team did not fare well in their first game against the USA as they gave up a goal in the very 1st minute of the 90 minute game. After that the USA never looked back and Ghana never appeared to have any control in the game.  They had a very difficult time trying to make it through the United States team’s defense, as they continually tried to attack.  Eventually Ghana scored late in the game with a goal by Andre Ayew and with 4 minutes to play they allowed the USA to score again.  The loss was a tough defeat as Ghana had the opportunity to get three points as in the previous two world cups Ghana defeated the USA, but they failed in doing that. In this game with Germany they need at least a tie or they could easily be eliminated in the group stage.

For the fans who Bet the World Cup take note that these two teams, Ghana and Germany, in previous tournaments played each other a total of two times.  In those two games Germany scored 7 goals and Ghana 1 with Ghana losing both of the games.  The German team is expected to score at least four times against Ghana and will not concede a goal according to the experts.