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Bet The World Cup – Argentina versus Germany – Nine factors!

July 11th, 2014


This 2014 World Cup Final in Brazil that will be played this Sunday the 13th of July 2014 between Argentina and Brazil may be determined by some 9 factors as to who wins the Title.

A big question, who will be the leading scorer in this game, Kroos or Messi so lets look at the factors that will influence this game.

1st of the nine factors is constraining Messi.  In the game with Holland they managed to keep Messi out of the center of the action as their defense with Indi and Jong frustrated the Argentinian Captain almost to anonymity.  That tactic was surely noticed by the German Coach Loew.  Thus the German team may use Khedira and Lahm to duplicate that effort and with the help from Schweinsteiger, Kroos and Ozil helping out with the task.  Three of those played with Bayern who with the German team aggregately beats Messi’s Barcelona team 7-0 in the 2013 Champions league.2nd as mention is the midfield three of the German team with Khedira, Schweinsteiger and Kroos, which was not the three Coach Loew began this tournament with, but has become the pivot for the team’s new strength and success. Those changes ended the vulnerability the German team display against the USA and Algeria as the launched many attacks with Ozil, Klose and Mueller.

The Coach Sabella and team of Argentina, having seen the destruction that scheme did against Brazil will clearly understand that it will be very important to disrupt the German middle, taking away their dictation of the  game, and that could just be their key to beating Germany. Thus,  Argentina will attempt to slow down the pace of the game.

3rd is the local support from the Brazilian fans who are not interested in seeing their neighbor and arch-rival win this World Cup 2014 Title.  There will be a lot of Argentina fans in the Maracana Stadium trying to make their team feel at home.  However, in this game,  it will be the German team that the local Brazilian fans will support and be behind to beat Argentina is this final game.  You can bet that that of the country’s 200 million plus fans that can make it to the Stadium, will be wearing the colors of Germany and looking for the European team to be the first to win this World Cup over the Latin Americans.

4th The important factor is the health of Argentinian Javier Mascherano, who in the game with Holland butted heads with their defensive midfielder and he wasn’t sure where he was at of who he was, but setting an example for the rest of the team he ran it off,  and he happened to be the one at minute 90 that stopped Robben from scoring and putting the Netherlands into the world cup. He now will have had five days to recuperate from any side effect as he is hoping his team his country Argentinians will be cheering as much for him as for teammate Messi.

5th a factor that could be fatal is an early goal by either Germany or Argentina.  One reason being that the German team of Coach Loew have won all the games in which they scored first in this 2014 World Cup. That, plus the team likes to finish things early. Also remember in the games against France, Brazil and Portugal the German team was on the scoreboard within the 1st fifteen minutes of those games.

6th is the recovery time during the last game until this final game has a very important place for the players of each team.  For example, in Germany’s last game they secured their victory early, so they were able to substitute players like Hummels, Klose, and Khedira after half time to allow them what they call a mild mid-match rest. Plus, give other players some playing time and experience.

Argentina on the other hand finished their difficult win against the Dutch team and was extremely tired, sore and beaten as a result of war like game.  Then add the stress of the penalty shootout and that exhaustion might show up in their final game, especially if the game goes into extra time.

The 7th factor could be the Stones Mick Jagger, who has supported four teams in this 2014 World Cup tournament (Italy, England, Brazil and Portugal) and all four of those teams lost in non-ceremonial type style. Thus, the Jagger curse as they say got so bad that the Brazilians have nicknamed him Pe Frio that translated means Cold Feet or another Brazilian word for Jinx.  Up to the moment he has not announced his 5th selection for Rio.

8th and certainly and important factor is will the Real Madrid player Angel Di Maria be able to play in this final game as his return from injury could be a large boost to Argentina. Many surely seen his performance against Algeria with his lightning quick attacks and that same display of talent, along with Messi would certainly test the defense of Germany as well as their goalkeeper Neuer.

The 9th and last factor is eliminating the sour memories of 1990 which many say ranked as some of the worst soccer played in a World Cup final.  Of course,  most of the present players were not even born yet with the exception of Klose, whom was 12 years old at the time. Germany won that game 1-0 with a late penalty.  So all soccer fans from how around the world and those who Bet the World Cup are seeking a game where all 22 players play like this is the most important soccer game in modern times and it will develop a great set of World Cup odds based on the pre-game excitement.

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