Brazil a Top Public Choice for World Cup Betting Odds

As the second ranked club in FIFA Brazil is a natural favorite to win the World Cup.  Few teams can match their worldwide appeal.  A rich history of five World Cup titles adds to their fame.  Pele is still celebrated as the greatest player ever.  It all triggers a flood of World Cup betting odds public money.  Adding to the excitement is Tite as coach.  Also, Dunga ran a talented team into the ground.  Suffocating Brazil’s ability, his firing was celebrated as a championship.  Tite brings improvement but higher expectations.  Not to mention higher betting prices.

2018 FIFA World Cup

Date and Time: June 14 through July 15, 2018

Location: Russia

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Brazil as Betting Odds Favorite

Brazil is a World Cup betting odds favorite based on potential.  Their 2014 fourth place finish was a disaster.  Especially cruel for them is that they were the host team that year.  Recovery came with the 2016 Olympic Gold Medal.  Also occurring on their homeland, it eased the sting of their 2014 failure.  Dunga was fired earlier that year as manager.  His lack of coherent tactics brought him down.  Tite’s arrival is as responsible as anything for the 2018 championship outlook.  He wasted no time in getting Brazil organized.  Now playing with purpose their natural talent flourishes.

Coach Tite

With their last World Cup title in 2002 many believe Brazil is overdue.  Equal in that belief is that Tite is the man to get them there.  Starting off with seven straight wins at the helm generated momentum.  Brazil has 15 wins, three draws, and one loss under his leadership.  Dunga’s failure to get Brazil out of the Copa Centenario group stage cause his demise.  It can now be said it was the best thing to happen for them.  Charisma and intelligence make Tite one of the most appealing coaches in the World Cup.

Brazil Fans Getting Anxious

However, the coach faces the pressure cooker of over the top dreams of fans. Prices on Brazil will be among the highest at the sportsbook.  Stars such as Neymar only add to the insatiable demands for glory.   Concerns remain about his fractured metatarsal.  Whether he will be 100% is in question.  Also, of question is if Brazil was fully tested against their South American rivals.  While the turnaround has been astounding the competition was not.  That being said Dunga was failing against those same opponents.

Midfielder Paulinho

Midfielder Paulinho is perhaps the man to watch over all others.  A pro with Barcelona he is at the peak of his career.  Paulinho has 12 goals and 47 Caps with Brazil.  Combining powerful play with good movement makes him elite.  Known as a box to box midfielder he is a complete player.  Tite and Paulinho were together professionally at Corinthians.  Not everyone was thrilled with Paulinho’s recall.  But everyone has faith that Tite can handle him.

Matchup to Watch

Brazil’s challenge is getting maximum World Cup betting odds value.  Public cash and hype will make that problematic.  Wagering losses on Brazil would be catastrophically expensive.  Other teams are just as capable as Brazil.  Yet Tite has them looking like a champion.

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