France Favorite to Win the World Cup 2022

France 2022 Betting the World Cup Favorite to Repeat as Champion

At the onset of Qatar being awarded the 2022 World Cup were charges of corruption, bribery and the usual dirt associated with FIFA.  Of great concern for many is the unusual schedule for the tournament.  Instead of its usual space on the calendar of June or July the 2022 event will be held in the alien period of November and December.  Extending those worries is the fact that Betting the World Cup action will be up against the National Football League in the USA.  Furthermore, FIFA is planning on a total of 48 teams instead of the traditional 32.

2022 FIFA World Cup   

Date and Time:  November 21 through December 18, 2022

Location:  Qatar

2022 World Cup Betting Online Odds

France 5/1, Brazil 7/1, Spain 15/2, Germany 8/1, Belgium 11/1, Argentina 12/1, Italy 18/1, Netherlands 20/1, England 20/1, Portugal 28/1, Uruguay 40/1, Chile 50/1, Colombia 50/1, Croatia 50/1, Mexico 50/1, USA 80/1, Denmark 80/1, Paraguay 100/1, Turkey 100/1, Ukraine 100/1, Peru 100/1, Russia 100/1, Serbia 100/1

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Who are the favorites?

To begin with the one factor that nobody expects to change is that defending champion France will be among the very best.  Now France opened as the Betting the World Cup favorite to win the 2022 World Cup.  Traditional power names are also at the top of the betting board.  It comes as no surprise that Brazil, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Argentina, Netherlands and England are top tier favorites.

Qatar as Venue

Lost in the debate over which team is best is the venue.  Indeed, many have complained about Qatar’s record on human rights.  Bribery charges loom large for FIFA picking this venue.  It’s a location and schedule that has angered many.  Yet the games will most certainly go on and FIFA will haul in billions.


Accordingly, France was a sportsbook favorite to win the 2018 World Cup.  Loaded with talent Les Bleus delivered the goods in impressive fashion.  Head coach Didier Deschamps firmly established his reputation as one of the best in the game.  It was only the second World Cup title for France in their history.  Antoine Griezmann exploded onto the world stage as a superstar.  Indeed, Griezmann scored four goals in the 2018 World Cup including one in the 4-2 championship match win over Croatia.  Kylian Mbappe added four goals as well in the tournament.


A clear difference from France was the German national team.  More emphatically Germany suffered a catastrophic experience at Russia in 2018.  Gamblers drowned in red ink when the overwhelming public choice failed to advance to the knockout stage.  Certainly, Germany provided a very expensive lesson to gamblers about the fact that there are no sure things.  Despite entering the 2018 World Cup as a team touted as “unbeatable” the Germans flopped in humiliating fashion.  Because of this, handicappers should handle France with care.  After all Germany was the defending champion last time out.


England was a pleasant surprise in 2018.  Namely Harry Kane exploded on the scene as the game’s next great goal scorer.  Kane won the Golden Boot with a tournament best six goals.

Matchup to Watch

In this situation Spain is a classic Betting the World Cup beaten favorite. Coaching controversy ruined their chances in 2018.  That will be fixed for 2022.  As a result, Spain could offer tremendous potential futures value.

2022 World Cup Betting Odds Pick: 

In sum Spain is a potentially dangerous futures bet team!

2022 World Cup Betting Online Pick:  Spain

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