Infantino aiming to get 48 teams approved for Qatar 2022

Infantino aiming to get 48 Teams approved for Qatar 2022

The next FIFA World Cup happening in 2022 is to be held in Qatar. The event seems to be the last with a 32 team count.  This was approved for the  2026 World Cup. In this case, there will be 48 teams trying to win the World Cup. This edition is the one taking place in United States , Mexico and Canada .

However, FIFA’s president, Gianni Infantino, wants to accelerate the process at all costs.  He is looking for ways to increase the number of countries playing in Qatar.  Infantino will not have to wait so long for this new disposition to take effect if they approve the motion.

Lack of Stadiums

To do this, at least two more stadiums are needed to host it and Qatar does not currently have them. This is why Infantino has thought of looking for another partner to contribute those fields. The problem is that the Arab country currently has a trade and diplomatic blockade.  Qatar currently has broken relations with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Arabia, Egypt, Yemen and Libya.

In this sense, the president of the international organization would have thought of Oman or Kuwait as the second organizer. However, after the first’s refusal, he has now traveled to speak and make the proposal directly to the Emir of Kuwait, Sabah IV.


Always according to the aforementioned media, Infantino’s intention is to have managed the situation before the Paris congress that will be held next June 5th. As the only candidate, it looks like he is up for re-election.  At the meeting he wants to present himself with an agreement in which the next World Cup will be of 48 selections.

Any other possibility?

The other possibility is for Qatar to remain the only organizer and to build two more camps in the three years remaining for the international event. Qatar claims to be prepared for such scenario. . Infantino does not have them all, since starting from scratch with such large works and having completed them in such a short time seems like a quite complicated task.

More changes?

In addition to increasing the number of participants, the other idea of ​​the head of FIFA is to distribute these teams in 16 groups of three teams in each of them. By doing this, they want  to eliminate the ties in the first phase. This way the teams that end up tied at the end of 90 minutes would resolve who gets the three points with a penalty shootout.