Is Argentina a World Cup Sportsbook Betting Bargain at 8/1?

Germany and Brazil are the obvious favorites to win the World Cup.  “Obvious” being the operative world.  As the top chalks neither team offers much in actual wagering value.  As a result, sharps are hunting for World Cup sportsbook betting bargains.  What is wanted is a good team at a fair price.  Smart players do not make overlays.  One loss on an expensive favorite will doom bankrolls.  With that in mind Argentina is getting serious study.  They could well offer the sweet spot of price and ability.  On the other hand, with perhaps the best player on the planet they are taken seriously.

2018 FIFA World Cup

Date and Time: June 14 through July 15, 2018

Location: Russia

World Cup Betting Online Odds at your favorite sportsbook:  Argentina 8/1 to win World Cup

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Lionel Messi and Team

Lionel Messi makes Argentina a potential winner in any match they play.  However, a sloppy qualifying period has caused concerns.  Three coaches were used in the process.  And it took a Messi hat trick against Ecuador to save qualification last October.  Coach Jorge Sampaoli was the third coach that stabilized the team.  He replaced Gerardo Martino and Edgardo Bauza.  With an emphasis on high pressure attacks his teams are entertaining as a matter of fact.  Reeking intensity his personality adds to the intrigue.  Sampaoli has a record of five wins, three draws and three losses.  South American coach of the Year was his in 2015.

Is Argentina Old News?

Few national clubs can match Argentina in experience.  And that can be argued as a World Cup sportsbook betting asset or detriment.  Many handicappers fear that Argentina is aged and past their prime.  Countering that is the theory that they won’t choke and be mentally overwhelmed.  Either way the 2018 World Cup is a case of now or never.  Next time the roster will be vastly different.  Not to mention inexperienced.  Lurking in the weeds as a team that confuses gamblers could end up sparking bargain prices.  Few gamblers will step out on Argentina.  Fewer still will load up against them.

Lionel Messi

Messi is the man of the hour for Argentina.  He literally carried the hopes of a nation on his shoulders.  If not for him there is no World Cup appearance.  As captain he commands respect earned by years of dominant brilliance.  Sampaoli’s attack style would seem to perfectly play into Messi’s abilities.  However defensive breakdowns have been a culprit in Argentina’s inconsistency.  Adding to the pressure on Messi is that no other team is as dependent on one player.  Such imbalance is an undeniable sportsbook online concern.  For his career Lionel has 61 goals and 123 caps for the national team.

Angel Di Maria

Midfielder Angel Di Maria could be the man that lightens the captain’s load.  Di Mario started all 18 South American rounds playing several positions.  He complemented Messi well under Sampaoli’s system.  Success at the international level is evidenced by his 19 goals and 93 caps.

Matchup to Watch

Argentina last won the Word Cup in 1986.  They have been wildly erratic since then.  Yet World Cup sportsbook betting respect remains for them.  Messi is so dominant that his team cannot be ignored.  Finishing second in the 2014 World Cup is indicative of Argentina’s ability.

World Cup Betting Odds Picks

Argentina is not for the faint of heart.  Yet they stand as good as chance as anyone to be profitable.

World Cup Betting Online Pick:  Argentina to make the Semifinals

For Lionel Messi its now or never!