Planning of the FIFA World Cup

Planning and Speculation of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar

The next FIFA World Cup will have a noticeable increment in participants summing a total of 48. Also due to the brutal heat the players would have to endure during the month of June, the schedule was moved to be played in December. Although there is still plenty of time to go for Qatar, it’s important to be informed early because this tournament promises to be one like no other. Many changes are already taking place that are making some people a bit uncomfortable.

International Questioning

For the first time in the history of the World Cup FIFA decided to increase the number of participants. This means that there is also a need to increase the number of stadiums to avoid the saturation of games. For the moment, countries such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia seem to be candidates willing to collaborate in the organization Qatar 2022.


What is funny about this entire deal, is the Saudi Arabia and Bahrain as well as the Arab Emirates is currently in an economic and diplomatic campaign looking to isolate Qatar politically. These three countries along with Egypt have accused Qatar of ideologically and financially support international terrorism, claims that of course Qatar has rejected completely. So all eyes will be on this matter as it is hard to imagine all of these countries working alongside Qatar for a successful World Cup event.

Too much heat

There is also the weather factor that has played an important part in the logistics of this betting World Cup.  The World Cup events have always been played around June. Soccer betting fans know this. But this month coincides with the Qatari summer, which seems to have been created from infernal puffs. How would this problem be fixed? The first idea was to build closed stadiums with air conditioning.  They abandoned this idea because it was excessively expensive.

Changing the Calendar

Then, something absolutely unthinkable occurred to them: to change the dates of the World Cup from June to November-December. This idea generated a fervent opposition because the change of dates will undoubtedly affect the evolution of the organization and the calendars of the local leagues around the world. There have even been threats from the Australian and English leagues to sue FIFA for damaging them economically.

Bribery Claims

The heat is on at the FIFA because many have blamed them of taking money in a bribery negotiation. Nevertheless, the Qatar is a reality and nothing seems to slow it down. For all the right or for all the wrong reasons, this will be one of the most popular soccer events yet. Each game and event, from the inauguration to the closing day will be a show stopper.  It will have soccer fans at the edge of their seats.