Powerful Odds for Spain in Russia 2018 World Cup Betting

Powerful Spain a Justifiable Chalk with the World Cup Betting Odds

After winning the 2010 World Cup championship Spain got fat and happy.  They were huge World Cup betting odds favorites to repeat in 2014.  However, the success of their first ever World Cup title went to their heads.  Finishing in 23rd place in the Group stage for 2014 was humiliating.  Not to mention a wake-up call.  But the great Lionel Messi said it best for 2018.  “I wouldn’t want to face Spain in the 2018 World Cup.” Messi is hardly alone in his respectful assessment.  Dominant play in their qualifiers has helped regain Spain’s appeal.

2018 FIFA World Cup

Date and Time: June 14 through July 15, 2018

Location: Russia

World Cup Betting Online Odds : Spain 7/1

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Julen Lopetegui

After the disaster of the 2014 World Cup changes were certain to come.  Julen Lopetegui was named new head coach in 2016.   He wasted no time in changing tactics and clearing the air.  Lopetegui has never lost in 18 games as head coach of the Spaniards.  With 13 wins, five draws and a +47-goal differential he has made a profound impact.  A 3-0 destruction of Italy last September converted many skeptics.  It’s all indicative of why Spain is a prohibitive World Cup betting odds favorite.

David Silva

Midfielder David Silva will be key to Spain’s sportsbook prospects.  Silva boasts 35 career goals and 119 caps for the Spanish team.  Professionally he plays for Manchester City.  He has enjoyed a resurgence under Lopetegui scoring nine times in 12 games.  Best known for good dribbling skills Silva provides superior technical ability.  He is universally acclaimed for his intelligence on the attack.  Such attacking ability opens spaces and creates chances for the entire team.  Top shelf play making ability often hides his goal scoring touch.  Versatility is yet another asset that Silva brings to the pitch.


Real Madrid’s Isco is perhaps the real man to watch for Spain.  Aged 25 he has 10 goals and 27 caps for the national squad.  He is arguably the best attacking midfielder in the world.  World Class quickness and creativity are a component of his elite skill set.  Ability to read the game is one of Isco’s most appealing strengths.  Perfect passes combined with soccer genius have transformed him into Spain’s most important player.  Few players can direct an actual game the way that he does.  Lopetegui has unleashed this young superstar.  Isco has eight goals and nine caps the past two years.

Jordi Alba

Left back Jordi Alba is an important standby for Spain.  A gifted attacker Alba has the stamina to contribute in may ways.  Offensively he is talented enough to be used as a left wing.  With 60 caps he has compiled eight goals.  Professionally he plays for Barcelona.

Matchup to Watch

Recent success in qualifying has eased the sting of Spain’s 2014 debacle.  Lopetegui has proven to be the spark for their resurgence.  Impressing all is his open mind and fresh approach.  He skillfully blends younger and experienced players.  Perhaps this 51-year-old coach is the prime reason for Spain’s World Cup betting odds status.  Isco was a one man wrecking crew in the hallmark win over Italy.  Silva remains a stalwart.

2018 FIFA World Cup Betting Odds Picks

Spain is clearly primed for a major comeback in the 2018 World Cup.

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